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Use Eco-friendly Items in Winter Season

 As the temperature becomes brisk and snow begins to appear on the weather forecasts, there are plenty of eco-friendly items to sustainably use during this change in season, from using a bamboo toothbrush to washing the dishes with coconut fiber dish brushes. Even in the chilly winter season, we can still utilize sustainable products.  Switch […]

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Fall Celebration in Eco friendly way


As the brilliant colors of early fall fade, many of us are preparing for the long winter ahead. In between dusting off our snow boots and digging out our favorite cozy sweaters, we can take some time to think about living sustainably in the cooler season. With shorter daylight hours and lower temperatures, you may […]

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As often we all shave; there are some exceptions of course – all the more power to those who don’t shave, few of us think about the effect that we’re having on the environment. That’s right, the type of razor you’re using could be harming the world around you.  If you’re using disposable razors, just […]

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There’s nothing better than summertime, right? Soaking up the sun, chilling on the lake, sitting by a bonfire with a beer in hand, having backyard barbecues, and spending time with friends and family on a warm summer evening. Summer is the ultimate season when it’s all just about having fun and spending time with those […]

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World Environment Day – Thoughts

World Environment Day is the most renowned day for environmental action. Since 1974, it has been celebrated every year on 5 June; engaging governments, businesses, celebrities, and citizens to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue. THE THEME In 2020, the theme is biodiversity–a concern that is both urgent and existential. Recent events, from […]

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zero waste tips while quarantine

Zero-Waste tips on the Earth day during Quarantine

Earth Day 2020 is a historic one—and not just because we’re currently living in quarantine because of the coronavirus. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day to raise awareness and promote support of environmental protection. Ironically enough, this year’s Earth Day theme is on ‘Climate Action’ and what do you know? […]

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Different types of composting

Tips about different types of Composting

Food wastage and Composting: Most people don’t realize how much food they throw away every day — from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce. About 94 percent of the food we throw away ends up in landfills or combustion facilities. In 2017, we disposed of 38.1 million tons of food waste. In the United States, food […]

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eco friendly tips in pandemic

Top 10 eco-friendly tips during Pandemic situation

With governments locking down cities and health authorities requesting residents to self-quarantine to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, people are faced with weeks, if not months, of staying at home.So, here’s a list of eco-friendly tips you can apply during this pandemic situation: Conserve water use while washing hands! The largest defense against […]

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eco friendly tips in Spring season

Secret Eco Friendly Health Tips in Spring Season

Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the most lovable of the four seasons. But this spring season came with the fear and anxiety of the Coronavirus disease. It’s a pandemic as the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic on March 11. It has killed more than 11,860 people […]

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how to make hand sanitizer

Pandemic Tips: How to make Hand Sanitizer easy?

Expand the FAQ section to go through the process to make hand sanitizer at home real quick and easy steps. Click the + icon below: How to take precaution and develop your immunity during The Pandemic situation? WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Once a pandemic arrives in your community, you can limit your risk of getting […]

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long lasting eco friendly products

10 Reasons People should buy Eco friendly products

Sometimes we are searching for eco friendly products for the kitchen or eco friendly products for the Home, why do we think so? Saves the Earth The current climate changes and Global warming in the World have majorly being caused by the materials we use in our daily life. We can prevent it by using biodegradable products […]

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save the planet

How can We save our Planet

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protect our planet eco friendly way

10 ways to protect our Planet

First of all, we should be thoughtful what are possible ways to start this evolution e.g. buying eco friendly products for daily use? With the increasing climate change issues and global warming challenges, here are 10 ways through which we can not only protect our planet but also can make it a sustainable place to […]

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Global warming carbon emission fossil fuel footprint

Global Warming – Challenges

Global warming is the gradual increase in the regular temperature happening in the earth’s troposphere. It is happening, as the levels of greenhouse gases are increasing. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) trap the heat whenever sunlight hits the earth. Both land and oceans in our planet are warmer over the past two centuries, and temperatures are still […]

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healthy living healthy food

Healthy Living in Winter season

Wondering what produce to pick up to protect your family from colds and flu and provide you healthy living in this season ? Here are four common health-boosting produce items to add to your produce bag as the months get chillier. Autumn is the season for falling leaves, gorgeous scenery, fantastic events and outdoor adventures. […]

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save the environment

Few steps to save the environment

Living a more Eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always as intuitive as it may seem. There are many common-sense ways to reduce your carbon footprint and necessary Steps to Save The Environment, but we sometimes forget that it’s possible to go even further in our quest to protect the planet. Going the extra mile can really add […]

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How to ban plastic bags

In the United States, 12 million barrels of oil are used in the production of the 100 billion plastic bags produced each year. Approximately 200,000 plastic bags go to landfills every hour. About 8 million tons of plastic gets in the sea each year, and at this proportion, we look a future with extra plastic […]

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ban single use plastic

Single use plastic not good

Single-use plastic items pose a big threat to the environment in USA as well as on a global scale. Items such as single-use plastic bags, coffee cups, and plastic wrap for lunch items such as sandwiches all contribute to a growing waste problem around the world. What’s the problem? In some years, Americans have used […]

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