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Mission Statement:

ecofworld is trying help you cut down your plastic consumption. Plastic is the most pervasive man-made material ever, it doesn’t go away easily when you throw it in the bin, it’s here to stay forever, long long years. So if you want to contribute to a world or nature with less plastic, you are in the right place!

Wanna know more? Here’s the long version.

Thinking about alternatives to plastic products already? Here is the shop.

Why do we want this?

Plastic is harmful to us and the environment, so we need to stop creating waste plastic so that we don’t drown in our own filth, and you know, help save the planet.

Where is this happening?

Everywhere. Plastic trash is pervasive, you’ll find it wherever you go. It is unsightly, gross and unsustainable as a habit.Let’s break the addiction.

How do you propose to do this?

By selling eco friendly products. Promote alternatives to plastic and how to source it. Educating people about the materials their stuff is made from (using Our Blogs and Social Media Platform like Facebook, LinkedIn ,Instagram and Twitter), so that we can all try and make positive changes and generate less waste.

Feel free to buy our products online and have a peace of mind always. You can get Free Shipping options, when you buy our branded products.

There is a duration of 2 days processing period and then it will be shipped from Texas, USA through USPS as a Carrier. it will take 2-9 business days to reach the destination. You can get the Tracking number with the shipping information.
Free Return: There is no additional charge when you return the items without using it ever. This clause is imposed due to strong hygiene condition. Buyer has to pay for return shipping fee.