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Bamboo ToothBrush

What we want to replace?

It will replace Plastic toothbrushes. Bamboo toothbrushes are natural and no chemicals are attached to it, hence it is recommended by Physicians. As per our Dentist’s suggestions, we should replace them at least every three-four months. It means that we should chuck 4 plastic toothbrushes into landfill each year because they aren’t recycled for years. It counts 40 toothbrushes in a decade. If our  average lifespan is around 80, That comes around 320 plastic toothbrushes each person and then times that by total population. Feeling queasy yet and not just because maths makes your head hurt? They aren’t going anywhere, they just stay with us years after years. It is totally insane amounts of waste and I’m sure we all have to agree. 

How it will be better for our lifestyle?

Plastic toothbrushes could be avoided. We can cut down that 320 odd plastic toothbrushes by using bamboo toothbrushes instead. Bamboo is sustainable and 100% biodegradable because it is so fast growing, and it biodegrades. If it is a choice between a wooden handle and adding to the ever-growing pile of plastic toothbrushes in landfill I definitely be sure what I’m choosing. They do the same thing, the bristles are the same, but they enormously cut down on rubbish plastic waste. isn’t it better for environmental cause?

Is it WORTH replacing it?

Average price of plastic toothbrushes $2-$5 depending on brand and style. Bamboo toothbrushes are more expensive, in monetary terms alone. When you plug in the cost to the environment and the fact that plastic is made using oil, a non-renewable resource, the real cost of a plastic toothbrush becomes more apparent.

If you are planning on bequeathing your plastic toothbrushes to your grandkids and they to their grandkids, then you’ve eventually got your money’s worth environmentally speaking. You can think from that perspective. That could be equivalent to one bamboo toothbrush, I suppose. Hence, it is not worth the convenience to buy plastic toothbrushes. I am planning on outliving my toothbrushes, not the other way around.

What are they made of?

Toothbrush Handle: Organic Bamboo.

Bristles: Charcoal infused Bristles … Yes, it is plastic, but there is not a lot of alternatives right now to plastic bristles unless you want to use boar bristles. 

Most people told me that they don’t want to stick pig hair in their mouth. I can’t decide if I would use a boar hair toothbrush, but I am thinking that there is someone who is shaving pigs to make bristles.

I will still research and accept alternatives in the future, but bamboo toothbrushes seem to have captured the thought process in such a way that boar bristle toothbrushes or neem/miswak sticks have failed to elevate. (Miswak or Neem are nature’s toothbrush, basically a twig from specific types of trees. A substantial population of the world still use these or similar, it is just the western world, which is obsessed with sticking plastic in our mouths. I would love to have them on here in future, that’s promise!)

Buy Ten, Give One

It is our kindness to help our community and make things better at the end of the day. If you buy Ten ecofworld toothbrushes and subscribe it for 12 months, it is our promise to donate one bamboo toothbrush to our community. Please call or email up to know it in details.

ecofworld - Our mission
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ecofworld - Our mission
This article illustrates about ecofworld's promise and help to the community by accomplishing activities like free giveaways to community people, get rid of single use plastic toothbrush and other environmentally friendly products.
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