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The idea for ecofworld (ECO-f-World) began when myself and my family coming back to USA after a short trip from Pondicherry, India. We saw piles and tons of plastic bags, plates on the seashore. My little son asked me about the garbage and plastic. When I explained him the long disposal time of Plastics, he was really upset and started asking me how we can get rid of this chronic issue. That day, we spent almost 4 hours together spring-cleaning through the very minimum area of the seashore at Indian Ocean and tried to think how much plastic would have been accumulated under the sea or around the world. From that day onwards, We started living minimally and were inspired to eliminate unnecessary waste from our lives. My son was an eye opener for myself and my wife.

Upon our return to Texas, my son inspired me a lot and asked me to do something for the planet and our existence. We brainstormed and started to dig into the idea of going zero waste—essentially, reducing our dependence on disposable consumer goods by investing in sustainable, reusable alternatives. We quickly realized that there was a steep learning curve in transitioning to a waste-free lifestyle and there was no one-stop shop to help us reconfigure our home.

ocean mess plastic free
Plastic makes seashore really messy

We set out to purchase many of our zero waste essentials second-hand, but recognized that there would be some items we’d have to purchase online. It was challenging to figure out which products were the most sustainable and the best quality, and it bugged us that many of these products were shipped with wasteful plastic packaging.

We started ECOfWorld with bamboo toothbrush to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards a zero waste lifestyle. We do this by providing high quality products made to last and shipping them with sustainable packaging materials.


He, who inspired me to start ecofworld

Founded by a pioneer of the Zero Waste Movement, ECOfWorld offers almost everything that you would need to live a ZERO Waste Lifestyle at one place.

We believe that it should be easy to make choices which could positively benefit the environment and no matter who you are, where you live, which food you eat, what you drink, you can all take small steps to reduce our waste.

So think twice now to think about your people, your beloved, your children and future generation. you are taking very important steps not to using the plastic and reducing the waste.

Our brand

We manufacture bamboo toothbrush and bamboo cutlery sets in overseas manufacturing units and procure them in USA for selling in USA and Canada. We have also a plan to manufacture non-woven cotton Grocery bags in the product pipeline.

We also source few products from individuals and brands with missions to create a positive environmental impact. We are proud to call them our friends and constant sources of inspiration.

ecofworld manufacturing unit in China bamboo toothbrush factory
Our manufacturing unit at overseas location

Our impact

We like to look at the overall impact of the products we are selling, till now we started selling non-plastic grocery bags, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo kitchen sets etc. We also view success as helping our brands take steps to reduce their waste. We have taken packaging policy to reduce the use of plastic. We need you all in this journey and make us success. My little son is also very easy and everyday he is asking that what else we can do to make things better in the World.

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Please call us +1- (214) 937 9568 or Email us at admin@ecofworld.com.


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