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reusable drinking straws near me

8 benefits of using only reusable straws

Regular drinking straws make a waste of plastic. People are using disposable straws on daily basis—almost 350 millions per day—waste lots of plastic. Although it can be recycled but who takes care of throwing it actually to recycle bins. To be wasting that much plastic on a tool used for a drink you spend maybe […]

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Keep yourself hydrated

It’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water in the hot summer months (keep yourself hydrated) when your body craves the clear stuff to stave off dehydration, but as the weather gets cooler you might find yourself drinking less often and not hingking about your autumn hydration needs. Although you may not feel as […]

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reusable stainless steel no plastic bottle

3 Things You Need to Know water bottles (BPA-Free)

Water bottles, whether reusable or plastic, are used every day by millions of people around the world. Liquid that comes into contact with these bottles is being ingested on a consistent basis at a large scale. This means that any loose particles within the water bottles can be carried away and ingested as well. Studies […]

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