Month: October 2019

Get RICE in exchange of plastics

Telangana’s Mulugu district in India recently launched an initiative called ‘Give 1 Kg Plastic Waste To Get 1 Kg Rice’ across 174 villages. The effort comes ahead of a single-use plastic ban of items like straws, spoons, glasses, carry bags, and so on. Under this 10-day program, the administration will collect plastic items from villagers […]

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healthy living healthy food

Healthy Living in Winter season

Wondering what produce to pick up to protect your family from colds and flu and provide you healthy living in this season ? Here are four common health-boosting produce items to add to your produce bag as the months get chillier. Autumn is the season for falling leaves, gorgeous scenery, fantastic events and outdoor adventures. […]

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save the environment

Few steps to save the environment

Living a more Eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always as intuitive as it may seem. There are many common-sense ways to reduce your carbon footprint and necessary Steps to Save The Environment, but we sometimes forget that it’s possible to go even further in our quest to protect the planet. Going the extra mile can really add […]

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nature water hydrated water bottle

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water in the hot summer months (keep yourself hydrated) when your body craves the clear stuff to stave off dehydration, but as the weather gets cooler you might find yourself drinking less often and not hingking about your autumn hydration needs. Although you may not feel as […]

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What should we eat daily

At the base levels of the pyramid that make up the foundations of a healthy diet, you’ll find the usual suspects such as fruits and vegetables as well as legumes and whole grains. Nutrition USDA suggests that these lower levels should represent approximately 70 per cent of our diet. “Plant foods contain a wide variety […]

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How to ban plastic bags

In the United States, 12 million barrels of oil are used in the production of the 100 billion plastic bags produced each year. Approximately 200,000 plastic bags go to landfills every hour. About 8 million tons of plastic gets in the sea each year, and at this proportion, we look a future with extra plastic […]

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