Keep yourself hydrated

It’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water in the hot summer months (keep yourself hydrated) when your body craves the clear stuff to stave off dehydration, but as the weather gets cooler you might find yourself drinking less often and not hingking about your autumn hydration needs.

Although you may not feel as if you need as much water, it’s equally as important to keep hydrated in autumn and winter. You still need your one and a half to two litres per day depending on your age, even if you don’t feel thirsty!

Here are some tips on keeping up your autumn hydration:

Remember to carry stainless steel drink bottles

The walk to the water fountain in the schoolyard or workplace is much less attractive than reaching into your bag to grab your drink that’s all ready to go. Make an effort to fill your stainless steel bottle in the morning and you’ll be thankful for it later.

You’re far more likely to sip throughout the day if water is convenient, meaning you’ll stay on top of your hydration needs. Plus, this eco friendly approach has absolutely no adverse effect on the environment, unlike plastic bottles do!

Change it up

If you hate the taste of water itself, try tempting yourself to drink it by making the flavour more appealing. Add fresh fruit or design pretty ice cubes with non-toxic flowers and fruity pieces to add to your drink.

Sip it

This is a great idea for kids who find drinking water ‘boring’. Invest in some reusable straws in crazy, twirling designs that kids will get excited about using. Just remember to avoid packets of disposable straws!

How to clean bamboo straws?

You need to rinse them out under the tap after everyday use or shake in a jar of warm soapy water if you like. Every month or so, you can boil a pot of vinegar water mix and soak the straws for a few mins if you want a super thorough clean!

Are bamboo straws good for environment?

Yes, bamboo straws are environment friendly and made of bamboo, so it is bio-degradable.

How long bamboo straws last?

Normally, it will last for 4-5 months depending on your usage and quality of the products

Try an alternative

If you’re really struggling to keep up with your daily water requirement, it is possible to source fluids elsewhere. Tea such as green tea or raspberry flavored tea are basically flavored water and can even have health benefits such as antioxidants, so they’re a fantastic alternative. Plus, they’re nice and hot – perfect for warming up in cooler weather!

Reusable Straws FAQ

What are the safest reusable straws?

ecofworld reusable stainless steel/bamboo/wheat straws are safest straws in the World.

When were reusable straws invented?

Where to buy reusable straws near me?

You can buy the reusable straws at our website Apart from these, you can search in Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target etc

How much do reusable straws cost?

Reusable Straws are available only for $11.95 on an average in ecofworld store.

How does reusable straws help turtles?

1.5 million plastic straws are landing in sea by all the channels during a year. And the plastic is not biodegradable substance, so it remains in the environment for long long years. If we don’t stop it now, all sea animals will be destroyed in another 50 years. We can save that by using reusable straws from now onwards.

Can you bring reusable straws on a plane?

Yes, you can bring and use reusable straws in Plano or Train and refrain from using plastic straws.

Are reusable straws good for the environment?

Yes, reusable straws are better for health and environment both as it is reusable and zero waste products.

Are reusable straws dishwasher safe?

Yes, it should be dishwasher safe, please check the manuals for details or you can ask us questions.

Are reusable straws sustainable?

Yes, most reusable straws are eco friendly and sustainable product.

How to use Reusable straws?

Carry two or three pcs of reusable straws, keep it in the Car or put it in your office drawer. Use it when you want. Foldable reusable straws are unique and save lot of space.

Keep yourself hydrated
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Keep yourself hydrated
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