Use Eco-friendly Items in Winter Season

 As the temperature becomes brisk and snow begins to appear on the weather forecasts, there are plenty of eco-friendly items to sustainably use during this change in season, from using a bamboo toothbrush to washing the dishes with coconut fiber dish brushes. Even in the chilly winter season, we can still utilize sustainable products. 

Switch to Bamboo toothbrushes!

Environmental Bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antimicrobial. This attribute ensures that bacterial growth is limited extremely. In short, they fight microbes while cleaning your teeth to the possible level of perfection. 

Plastic has a seriously damaging effect on the environment. It can take as long as long years to decompose and it releases toxins into the soil. These toxins can contaminate food and water supplies. These bamboo toothbrushes do not contain plastic in their handles, making them an eco-friendly dental hygiene choice. You can clean your teeth and help to protect the planet, at the same time. 

 As well as being nature friendly, these toothbrushes can help keep your teeth and gums healthier due to the charcoal-infused bristles.  Charcoal naturally has antibacterial, anti-fungal properties, so it helps to fight the build-up of plaque and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Charcoal can also help to whiten your teeth if they are stained by drinking tea or coffee or eating certain foods. You get a fresh, clean mouth and a whiter smile, by using an eco-friendly toothbrush that is kind to the environment.

ecofworld is today’s toothbrush choice for environmentally and hygiene conscious men, women, and children. Its organic bamboo handle and brush base are biodegradable, light, and hand-friendly. Their medium-soft, optimum bristles, made from BPA-free, recyclable PBT are perfect for all ages’ teeth and gums. Equal to the life of any plastic toothbrush, it elevates conscious product choices with its GREEN packaging and overall sustainable ecology-minded appeal. It is a dentist-approved mini vegan toothbrush. Isn’t it awesome? Get a wooden toothbrush with natural bristles now!

Use Coconut Fiber Bamboo Dish Brush!

This ecofworld pot biodegradable scrubber has 3 pieces of Bamboo Dish Brushes, enough quantity for your daily cleaning. These bamboo scrubbers are not only used for dishwashing but also daily household cleaning. These household cleaning brushes can be applied for various occasions, such as cleaning your dishes, pots, pans, bowls, sink, stoves, kitchen utensils, also nice for cleaning bathroom, countertop, wall, floor, window and so on, a nice helper in your daily life. 

These mini pot scrubbers are made of coconut sisal and bamboo, safe to clean cookware and tableware, can be applied for a long time.

The bamboo scrub brush features a sleek groove in the middle part, fits comfortably in your hand, makes it easy to apply pressure for tough scrubbing, lightweight and portable to hold and control, a good assistant for your daily household cleaning. Also, the round shape design combining good fiber bristles helps to reach corners and crevices, it is flexible to handle heavy cleaning work, and no worry about hurting the coating of your pots or pans.

These cleaning scrub brushes feature heat-resisting, they are safe to use in boiling water and no easy to deform, good helpers for cleaning bowls, baking trays, pots, pans, cans, food storage containers and vegetables, basic tools in daily life.

These practical scrub brushes can be applied in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and garage, also can clean floors, showers, tile, toilets, carpet, upholstery, counter-tops, sinks, bathtubs, and stovetops.

Don’t let your efforts to help the environment go to waste by purchasing reusable scrubbers that are packaged in harmful plastic. Unlike the competition – we make sure to only use eco-friendly Hemp Fiber bags in our packaging.

Carry A Reusable Bag

Rather than collecting an abundance of single-use plastic bags that are not only inconvenient but harmful to the environment and costly, use a reusable shopping bag. There are plenty of benefits to investing in a reusable bag. When you buy ecofworld reusable cotton mesh fabric bags, know that you’re holding something made from 51 percent recycled plastic bottles – which was all made possible because someone thought to pop two water bottles in the recycle bin. One of the big things about their eco-friendly bags is that for every reusable bag, they stand to eliminate 1,000 plastic bags. So far, they’ve made a staggering 850,000 eco-friendly bags and counting. So, if you think about it, that’s 850 million fewer plastic bags to worry about. ecofworld has organic cotton mesh bags in bulk. Get yours from now!

Buy Green Cosmetics

This includes buying products from companies that do not test on animals or have animal products in them. There are compassionate companies such as ecofworld where you can check out. For instance, their reusable makeup remover cotton pads are simply great! These reusable organic bamboo cotton rounds are extra thick and incredibly soft – 3 layers of organic bamboo cotton sewn together making for a sturdy, reusable round that will last 900 washes.

 Eat Your Vegan Food with Bamboo Cutlery 

The reusable bamboo cutlery set is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable cutlery. Bamboo is much stronger and much more hard-wearing than other similar materials which means your cutlery will last for longer without breaking. If you’re trying to become vegan then this is a great choice too.

Use Sustainable Candles

We all love the coziness that candles provide during the coolest months, but did you know that most candles on the market are made from paraffin wax, a product of petroleum refining? A more environmentally friendly choice is candles made from beeswax — even better if you can find them at a local market or craft fair to avoid the carbon costs of shipping. Be sure to do your research before you stock up on products that make you feel cozy during the fall and winter.

Wear Respirator Mask with Filter! 

During this winter, COVID-19 is at its peak so this ecofworld’s 4-layer face mask with filter and nose wire will keep your face clean and neat and it will protect your face against coronavirus, dust, or any particles from the environment.

These adjustable COVID masks with a simple design will also make you look cool.

These are the masks with adjustable straps, are washable, and can easily be recycled. It has one free size which is suitable for everyone and both men and women can use it. Face masks with filter pockets and nose wire will aid comfortable breathing and are exclusively made in the USA. (free shipping available) Get yours now!

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