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Green products are products which are biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Majority of the products are made up of glasses, bamboo, cans or papers. Over the time, the rates of environment disasters have increased and it has raised the people’s concerns. This concern is then made the demands of green products increased and has led to the emergence of a ‘new marketing philosophy’, known as green marketing. The eco friendly products importance is well known because it is an opportunity for companies to set up a new business trend.

The green marketing was considered to be one of the major trends in the modern business world. As there is an increased amount of green products in the market, the advantages and disadvantages of green products have become more pronounced. These advantages and disadvantages will then influence a consumer’s willingness to buy or not to buy green products.

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Besides that, advantages give us a notion of why there is a demand for green products and why sellers are willing to sell green products. People have become more willing to pay more for green products due to the fact that people have conscious about the environment issues. However, the factors that are causing consumers to be unwilling to purchase green products were the product preferences, advertisements credibility and consumer behaviors. Lastly, the reasons that made sellers willing to sell green products not just because of they can made profitability from the sales of green products but also can fulfill their social responsibility toward the society at the same time.

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