bamboo cutlery set

Another great option is bamboo cutlery. Bamboo is perhaps the most sustainable material on the planet and the best for the environment. It’s the world’s fastest-growing plant which means that it’s perfect for farming when compared to other plants and woods. Also, it is lightweight meaning that transporting cutlery is amazingly efficient and has only a small environmental impact. With its green packaging, it’s even more eco-friendly.

Premium Quality, Smooth Grip & Texture

When designing this wooden travel cutlery set, we’ve made sure to use a high-quality, durable, strong-fiber bamboo that won’t warp, break, or splinter even after years of use. Bamboo even features natural properties, making them perfectly reusable time and time again.

We’ve made sure that this set of bamboo travel utensils not only feels great to hold, but are also a pleasure to eat with as well. We’ve spent hours sanding down each piece of wooden silverware in this set to a precise finish. Ensuring that they feel gentle in your mouth and sturdy in your hands.

Easy to Take Anywhere

This set of wooden eating utensils comes with a thick and durable canvas bag that contains a slot of each utensil in this set and easily folds up when full so that you can take our travel utensils with you anywhere. Perfect for festivals, BBQ’s, picnics, camping, food markets, and more.

Great for the Environment

No longer do you have to use metal silverware that corrupts each bite of your food with metallic taste and also harms the environment by not being biodegradable. Each piece in our bamboo portable silverware set is non-toxic, recyclable,BPA free.

Start enjoying your meals in a more natural way with ecofworld’s Bamboo Cutlery Set!