Carry your bags, Save money! Save the planet!

In some years, Americans have used up to 100 billion, or sometimes more, lightweight single-use plastic bags. These are the kind you get at supermarkets, fast food outlets, petrol stations, and other shops.

single use plastic bags
Iceberg with plasticbag swimming in ocean

The large majority of these end up in the landfill after they’re used, with some being recycled. Many of the bags end up as litter polluting waterways and other parts of the environment.

The making of Plastic bags also takes energy to create, which produces greenhouse gas emissions. Driving a car one kilometer emits the same amount of energy as manufacturing 8.7 plastic bags. Manufacturing a reusable, Eco-friendly shopping bag ( )can cut energy waste as it consumes only nine percent of the energy and produces only ten percent of the greenhouse gas emissions compared with using a traditional plastic bag. 

  Most of us are familiar with the environmental allegations against disposable plastic bags. They can harm native wildlife, crowd our landfills and pollute our oceans – not to mention the fact that their product has a large carbon footprint. 

Plastic bags on the seabed. Pollution.

Benefits of carrying your reusable cotton mesh grocery bags: 

Rather than collecting an abundance of single-use plastic bags that are not only inconvenient but harmful to the environment and costly, try using a reusable shopping bag. There are plenty of benefits to investing in a reusable bag. Listed here are some of the most advantageous benefits of using a reusable shopping bag.

Save Money

Using reusable bags over plastic bags can save money in several areas; including your own pocket.

Save Resources

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, use crude oil and natural gas to manufacture, and require even more fossil fuels to ship. So, by using a reusable bag, you are not only reducing the amount of non-renewable resources necessary to produce plastic bags, but you’re also reducing the amount of money your community spends on cleanup costs each year. 

ecofworld cotton vegetable fruit net bags

No Pollution:

Regardless of how you dispose of plastic bags, they end up blowing onto the street, clogging waterways, and infiltrating other natural environments. So, by using your own reusable bag, you can reduce pollution.

Durability and Reliability

Unlike the flimsy plastic bag, you receive from retailers, reusable bags are durable and can carry more at a time. Go ahead, fill up that cotton or hard plastic bag to the brim—it won’t break. That means fewer trips to and from your car and more to be comfortably carried at a time.

ecofworld Cotton Mesh Fabric Bags:

When you buy ecofworld reusable cotton mesh fabric bags, know that you’re holding something made from 51 percent recycled plastic bottles – which was all made possible because someone thought to pop two water bottles in the recycle bin. 

One of the big things about their eco-friendly bags is that for every reusable bag, they stand to eliminate 1,000 plastic bags. So far, they’ve made a staggering 850,000 eco-friendly bags and counting. So, if you think about, that’s 850 million fewer plastic bags to worry about. ecofworld has organic cotton mesh bags in bulk. Get yours from now!

Carry your Cotton Produce Mesh Bags for Grocery
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Carry your Cotton Produce Mesh Bags for Grocery
This article tells about benefits of using cotton vegetable mesh fabric bags.
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